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^^Stupid twitch streams (if any are broadcasting)^^

Unfinished (website exclusive)

Stuff i wanted to save for this website to brihng incentive to cum visit every once in a while and because "why not" right?

as i charge into victory i break a special limb doing what i doo's for the youtubes :'( ***WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE***

he ate some guys ice cream and must escape with his life and booty hole intact! 



Featured playlists from the youtube channel made for the convenience of viewers like you.


Smoke king s.k "projects and skits"





This is where i will post any new videos that come out on the youtube site and such.  




mr. Kriq explicitly shows what a 'good time' looks like and shows just how romantic he can be in another skit. a classy idiot indeed. *a special thank you to Melanie for being a good sport and acting in a questionable video :)


when a man tries to decypher a message from GOD on his FACE! because thats smart

i thought i would do you something special....hold on tight this may get alittle rough! a special thank yous for all the people who subscribe to my nonsense it makes me feel appreciated and filled with some fuzzy warm feels inside my human *wink face* thanks i heart u, yes you.

Being the needle fairy it's my sworn duty to make diseases for 'population control' so here i present the horrific effects of the Hepatitan! 'destroyer of livers, KING of disease' may thy anus clench in fear when my flamboyant ass draws near...

what caused this odd behavior and the obviously mentally unstable individual to pick up this alter ego spreading vigilante justice in the form of gohnorrea + Hepatitus and pink eye?! i dont know but perhaps this video will shine a light in an area where the sun dont shine )X(.


when introducing a new character to the channel goes horribly wrong and it goes as we in the business say "baboon vicious on that booty hole" what business that is unknown. perhaps baboon buttsex (?) baboons are my business and business is vicious & traumatically painful. 





he doesnt need the crutches for his legs but for his heart (dawww)



This is the Promo video/Trailer for my beloved channel 'Smoke King S.K)

when grown men play with their meat (or rather food). playing with a 30lb slab of pork. **special thanks to Jibajar (A.K.A Dr.Ugs)** 

i have smelled the unthinkable, the unbearable but curiosly intriguing they were! my fingers....

the most delicious drinks i can think of (and possibly make) for the wonderful time of SPRING!

I QUIT! here is the video explaining the situation

I did a contest video for snickers. found out i am not eligible because i live in canada. i have 2 versions. this is the first

video 2 of my contest video, here it is.

a segment involving me eating some gross things. funny and worth it.
*WARNING* may disturb people with an easy stomach

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