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News & Updates


woah, its been a while. i got me a new camera in the mail that can do the job well (i hope) and a few video in the works. so for the sake of filler shit heres an unboxing video you can WATCH IT HERE or you can get the non boring stuff RIGHT HERE


got me some new doodlez and logos forr the videos, socials and site. you can view the images HERE.

heres for another year of madness and vulgarity- bring forth the mayhem!


new video for christmas on the youtubes. WATCH IT HERE


well its that time of year, time to make a new outtro, introduction to my youtube channel, and all that good jazz. my computer is currently down so dont expect anything for the next couple of weeks.

HOWEVER.... i did make a video and published it on the 14th of this month. its called 'a GOOD TIME + ROMANTIC' you can



i amde a new video called 'Connect the Dots' you can WATCH IT HERE



to celebrate this day i've uploaded a video to the youtubes titled 'The Green Lunatic' you can WATCH IT HERE 

boy howdy i have been having issues with this one all morning i am pissed off at my internet connection to say the least.

regardless this wonderful piece of video art is completed


holy shit someone's been throwing handfuls of shit at the fan. my health has hit critical concern too so expect massive delays on everything.

i'll have a video done soon called "vlog hog" where im a vlogger being a fukn weirdo on camera- im king of the potatoes apparantly.

changes and delays, other stuff and junk. holy crap in a top hat it got really really real that only a terrified schitzophrenic's night terror could come into fluition. oh my.

ill try to make a video on what the flock ssoon k.(?)


OH SHIEZ it's been a while! the website is finally back up and oh boy its been a *um* interesting year- its too long to add to this part of the site. it's been a rollercoaster of life lessons and you can READ IT HERE if you care. 
in the meantime, here's some NEW VIDEOS, NEW ART, and a added bonus here's some MISC UNUSED SHENANIGANS because tee-hee wtaf.


hey! so out of not being completely useless i made a filler video until i make my video- i will give you a hint- it involves twerking (EWW)


Good help is hard to find at times.

its been a while since ive done my videos- its not that i dont have any ideas or SKits thought out, as a matter of fact i have over 10 (4 decent) its difficult to get good help at times (though not impossible) soon to get a cameraman for hire and get this on the go. progress and more HAHA's soon- i hope.

faith and patience for the F**king Dissapointment would be appreciated and ill hustle my Hineyhole soon ;)

Also STEAM THING because reasons



just did one of my better off the wall videos- well i hope its okay anoyhow. it took some determination to pull that bullhonkey off. the latest video is called 'The Goddamn NEEDLE Fairy!' you can watch it HERE or in the video section of the site *wink face*



After 4+ months of planning and setup while needing assistance from others i have finished my video called "Depression + Anxiety" which involves a part of the experience i have dealt with from time to time. the music is so over the top it makes me giggle like a damn school girl.

you can view it in the video section or WATCH IT HERE

I'll be working on some of my regular videos soon (I hope)



So i officially have a HQ camera able to capture amazing video! so with that in mind im going to be working on videos more frequently- i have a few good ones in mind with shameless wweirdness and shenanigans.

in the meantime im just going to do my arts and crafts projects and playing video games for now. maybe do some digital art stuff when my carpal tunel isnt so severe.



well its the end of another year so to finish it off i have a new video RIGHT HERE called 'Emotional CRIPPLE' its so emotional and heart breaking (not really) you can also find it in the video section of the site.



i just released a youtube video called "Play on WORDS" you can view it on the video section HERE or on youtube

im going to be working on another video tonight so stay tuned :D

I actually finished it today. its the new channel trailer for my youtubes you can WATCH IT HERE!

 or in the video section of this site. i also added some new stuff in the SKART section also.



I just finished a video regarding the gaming culture, mothers and shit buckets. oh yes and you can WATCH IT HERE!

OR in the video section of the site. its called 'The Best Gamer'



well its the remembrance day! i broke my camera but great news! i am a functioning shaved-monkey-ape and found a way to get around! its actually really a relief. im not doing videos right now but i will be playing twitch just because BECAUSE i am camera-less and uncoordinated, i'll go when im damn good and ready! for now just let me play pokemon N portal! maybe bioshock and fable because i can and i want to! my shit bucket will be MIGHTY FULL! *hahaha*



happy halloween! sorry for not keeping up to date or really doing anything but as it turned out i needed some time to do some arts and crafts, some contemplating while suffering from my medical condition. i cant walk well these days and im falling apart as a human being. *boo hoo*

ANYHOW! got some upgrades like an adjustable microphone arm mount. PC upgrades and some artsy doodles. also have some scripts (7 videos) for the youtube channel but my health does not allow me to do much right now.

so in the meantime im just researching and learning because as stated- i can barely walk. send the good vibes would ya? ;)



Finally got my latest video done, it's called "Porkin'Rinds, FUN with PORK" you can watch it HERE or you can just go visit the VIDEO section of the site HERE

i have quite a few videos in mind this time its just a matter of convenience and availability to do them. all in good time ;)



I added a doodle to the SK.Art collection titled "are you serious?" no digital coloring just a raw scan.



im not sure if it's known or not so im going to say it here. although i do most of my projects alone does not mean i like doing it solo. i do what i can to get my creative outlet out. im not even going to pretend i know what im doing with video edits and photoshop but i know enough to get by.

right now its social media and doodling- a video will be made soon explaining things and how i feel about things.


9-14-2015 do i put this. is having a editor hunt 4 the podcasts.  you can see the DETAILS HERE. anyhoo I sent in my submission from a raw unedited file they provided to something edited and yet sounding natural. HERE IS THE RAW FILE aaaand I DID THIS.




so i decided to do a video where i clone myself with the magic of video and i try to convince myself to sniff my own ass




remember how i said i was going on vacation from july 20th to the 30th? no? well, i was at conbravo 2015 and i helped host a panel with friends you can see the original on their channel HERE and the advertisement on my channel RIGHT HERE

i will be working on a vlog soon



i did another video regarding a panicking Kriq. i clone myself and all that good jazz. WATCH IT HERE 

(you can also find it in the video section of the site)



I added some stuff to the SK.ART section of the site, some teletubby weird stuff, an avatar sketch i was working etc. going to see if i can add a functioning GIF !!!***IT WORKED SEE IT NOW****!!!



i did me another video today. it's called 'kinky zoophilia' it's not what you think! anyhow.... you can WATCH IT HERE



added some art to the SK ART collection called 'Teletubbies- The weird stuff #2






I finally ordered my yellow spandex suit for a video i have planned. in the meantime as if out of the spur-of-the-moment thing i got a video made with the theme of 'perception and reality' and had a lot of fun doing it.


oh and a side note i added some drawings to the ART section of my website today so if thats your dandy then go check 'em out!) :D



I did me an AWESOME VIDEO! it involves the art of 'finger sniffing' *NEAT!*

watch it here!



did a video exercising alcoholism called 'the drinks of spring'



did me a video here it is HERE



did another picture for the SKArt collection. drew it by hand then scanned it onto the computer and worked on it for a few days with photoshop. you can view my stuff under the 'SK.Art' Tab that has just been added to the site



The last post was an april fools joke as tradition with youtube n the internet, i wanted a taste of the fun. My website is officially verified with YouTube and can be navigated to from my channel n stuff. it is neat



I officially quit doing my regular skits and videos to switch to a 'Lets-Play' style of videos. i have a video for this. I call it 'lets-play SK' im also going to do vlogs also. deal with it.



got my latest videos up. they were for a contest for a snickers bar thing so i did my nefarious magic. i'm not eligible in canada so it is on my youtube and facebook page. 
1st video- Diabetes Snicker Snicker <--- HERE)

alternate version HERE


Got my latest video done- took long enough but i hope it was worth it. i had fun and i hope you enjoy
SK Consumes- Mayo and Windex



*trying to get some item props for my next video, a bit of a setback but it is in the works and will be glorious!


*I got everything set up and ready for Twitch streaming. nothing is lagging this time, i have 2 cameras like a bad ass and i plan to make a weekly streaming schedule!
not sure on the hours or even what days! I'm assuming Wednesday and Saturday. I will post something once i figure it out.