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in no particular order these are scripts/ video ideas i wanted to do....EVENTUALLY

this is where i lay the groundwork of projects at heart but have to wait for right times, propper assistance, actors and self developed editing skills to be in the realm of personally satisfied instead of "good enough"

drawing stick people comics with ambitions and vision need to start becoming more thorough and not rushed garbage shit posts.


working hard to set that dissapointment and hard work stroking that ego, the ego needs a good stroke every so often otherwise the creative get bitchy high strung.

blow that creative load- people are getting concerned.

scripts & ideas



A STANDARD CHRISTIAN SERMON BUT WITH THE theme of Gangsta and the way to achieve 'solid G yo'

like buddah but more mainstream

scene 1:

pasture Robdog " and then he said onto thee, more money mo' bitches and to the heithen bitches get the many stitches from the incisions layed into he for straying from the path of 'g'

in tupac name

"what what"

scene 2:

a follower of church confronts the pasture "for give me dog, for i have sinned" he replies "what is thy sin, my nigga?"

i listened to a miley cirus pop album, and i liked it *GASP*

you must repent your pussy bitch ways! 2 biggie smalls and *insert rap culture thing here* (like a hail mary or something) staray to far from the truth and you may be a beiber worshipper before long. repent! 

waitwait before that: 

impretionable youth asks pasture what he must do to follow the path of solid and to achieve straight G status.

"to obtain these traits one must stray from being a lil bitch and be honest and true to your fellow crew, to be a snitch bitch gets a stitch quick. in tupacs name, what what"

tom foolery of the legal kind;

doing legal things like buy a slurpee or show ID for buying booze but acting like i commited some heinous act that needs to run and flee as if i commited a crime.ALL LEGAL NORMAL THINGS TOO


u dont like my stuff? do i scare you? disturb maybe? well heres a video summing up my lack of a flying fuck on the situations